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Website: jacobzacharysachs.com

Socials: @jakezachsachs

Email: jacobzacharysachs@gmail.com

Born and raised in New York and currently residing in Miami, Jacob Zachary Sachs is a digital media specialist and a lifelong artist. After years of honing their skills in graphic design, digital and 35mm film photography, video editing and television production, in 2021 Jacob founded JZS Media.

Since then JZS Media has worked with The Magic Garden, The Webby Awards, Paramount +, Adobe, Buzzfeed and many more companies, large and small, creating vibrant, unique content that stands out amongst the oversaturated field of promotion and marketing, specifically on social media.

“I was lucky enough to have The Magic Garden be a part of my childhood, and I feel even more lucky to be able to use my art to recreate something that is so special to so many people.”